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MossGo now recommends only one product - Premium Moss Kill by Mistral Chemicals:

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Why is MossGo now recommending this product? - We have tested this product extensively and believe it offers outstanding value.

What surfaces can this product be used on? - MossGo have tested this chemical on fence panels, driveways, bricks, patios, roof tiles, artificial tennis courts and many other hard surfaces, incuding indoors.

What is the dilution rate? - This product should be diluted 10 parts water with 1 part chemical.

Can this product be used in a spray applicator? - Yes, this product will mix and dilute well with water so can used via a sprayer.

Where can I buy this product? MossGo suggests you purchase directly from Amazon

What precautions should I take? Use this chemical when it's dry, keep children and pets from area until dry. Avoid run-off into drains. Wear suitable gloves and eye protection, wear a mask.