How and Where to Use Moss Treatment Chemicals

Premium Moss Kill by Minstral Chemicals can be used on a variety of surfaces to kill and prevent moss, lichen, mould and algae:

Roof Tiles Premium Moss Kill can be used on roof tiles, for best results, instruct a roof company to first scrape off any excess moss, the chemical can then be applied via a backpack applicator (available from most garden centres and Amazon). Dilution rates for roof tiles are 10 parts water to 1 part chemical. Once applied the chemical will kill off any remaining moss spores and create an environment that moss/algae cannot grow in.

Patio and driveway Patios often become covered in green algae with moss growing in the cement joints. To prevent damage the surface of the slabs, they should not be scraped but instead the chemical should be applied directly. The dilution ratio is thesame as with roof tiles - 10-1

Fence panels Fence panels can also be treated with moss killing chemicals to kill and prevent green moss and algae, thus prolonging their life expectancy.a weaker dilution can be used on fence panels: 12-1.

Application Advice

Moss treatment chemicals are only active in the wet state, they become inactive when the surface is allowed to dry. It is therefore very important that these chemicals are not applied when rainfall is expected. This is to prevent run-off into the water course.

A mask and goggles should be used when applying these chemicals, pets should also be kept away from the treated area until the product has dried.

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